Yoga For Hair Growth: Excessive hair fall? Try this asana to get strong hair

Yoga For Hair Growth: Adhomukha Svanasana is extremely beneficial for improving blood flow and oxygen circulation to the head which can help promote hair growth.

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Hair Growth

Yoga For Hair Growth: Hair fall is a very common lifestyle problem which becomes very prominent during winters due to rains, disease conditions and dandruff causing winters. Apart from these factors, the Covid-19 pandemic has also increased the level of hair fall in all age groups in the present times. Post-Covid effects include excessive hair fall and degradation of hair quality. A good diet that includes foods rich in vitamin A, protein, zinc, iron and vitamin C is the first step towards healthy hair.

Apart from this, making some lifestyle changes can also help you feel healthier. Yoga is a powerful tool that can have many benefits including hair health and its daily practice can do wonders for hair and skin alike. Here are some yoga asanas which can help in reducing hair fall and get healthy hair.


For those who are suffering from digestive problems, it is recommended to do Vajrasana. Gastric issues and other digestive disorders have also been resolved by the practice of this asana. It helps in promoting hair growth immensely and sitting in this asana for five to ten minutes after a meal greatly improves digestion, which gradually helps in hair health.

Downward dog pose

Twelve asana Surya Namaskar is considered one of the best yoga asanas for overall health. Adhomukha Svanasana is extremely beneficial for improving blood flow and oxygen circulation to the head which can help promote hair growth. Practicing this asana daily for some time can reduce hair fall to a great extent.

Top seat

Shirshasana or Shirshasana can be a difficult pose to strike, but the pose allows blood flow to the head. It helps in optimizing the circulation of blood to the scalp and reducing baldness. Shirshasana also reduces hair fall, which improves the quality of hair. Initially, you may need external help to perform this asana.


Also known as the fish pose, this asana is a must for those who wish to have a long, strong and lustrous mane. Fish pose involves pulling the head backward which again increases blood flow and oxygen supply to the scalp. By practicing this asana daily, you can get rid of not only hair fall but also most of the hair problems.

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