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Tasha Harris

Tasha has always been Science and master's in business administration specialized in Operations. Intrigued by medical science and invested most of she’s lifetime with she eyes participated In journals or textbooks. Recently, after almost 20 years in the industry, Tasha determined to proceed to what she enjoys to do, and that's writing. Along Tales and has written three novels. She's an associate degree in Computer Science With performing the functions of editor-in-chief, Tasha has also sold several short.

Email : tasha@prgazette.com
Phone : +0381-521-894-6688

Jack Hayes

Jack graduated from RCA Institutes in 1980 with an Associate Degree in digital technology. Following a 35-year expert career in the market, Jack’s second-life career started in 2012. During his career, Jack never dismissed the enthusiasm of unfolding medical breakthrough. He's a wonderful editor whose earnest attempts and childlike eagerness play a substantial role in the achievement of PRGazette.

Email : jack@prgazette.com
Phone : +0381-521-894-1881



Amy Wirth
(Specialization-Mental Health)

Amy Wirth writing for Prgazette.com She has a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry in the University of Sydney, and also a Diploma in Freelance Journalism in the Australian College of Journalism. After a long time as a scientific author, writing mostly in areas like chemistry, electronics, heavy technology, and RFID, Amy decided to come back to college and has just finished a BA in Literature. While she loves writing on several subjects, science and know-how are her first love.

Email: amy@prgazette.com
Phone: +0381-521-894-7898

Theresa Sills

She write about Networks, WiMAX Day, along with The Linux Line. Theresa Monday-through-Sunday Theresa Program for Science X has on a regular purpose of educational medicinal Science, environment, and new technologies for internet sites like Quantum She worked as journalist and desk editor for The Daily Nation and Sunday Nation at Nairobi, Kenya studies. Before that, she had been a reporter in London for Chemical Marketing.

Email: theresa@prgazette.com

Craig Hill

Craig began writing for prgazette.com, resulting in engaging and fascinating editorials about science and wellness progress. Craig’s inspirational and accurate science and health articles have made her very popular with the viewers. Craig graduated at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelor of Arts degree at October in 2004. He then completed a science college internship in Fermilab, followed using a communications internship in Caterpillar. Ever since that moment, he has been writing in an independent capability for several science, health, technology, along with other books.

Email: craig@prgazette.com
Phone: +0381-521-894-9963

Mark Ott
(Specialization-Healthcare IT)

Mark is a graduate in sciences that are instrumental using an MBA in operations. He's also worked as a research partner for five decades, accompanying medical investigation. As a youth, he donated medical information to neighborhood college journals. His passion is researching and composing medical stories. He knows his stuff, and viewers love his sensible insights.

Email: mark@prgazette.com
Phone: +0381-521-894-0220

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