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Seventy Percent of Callers to Some Mental Health Rehabilitation Helpline Desk Were Men

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Seventy percent of callers to a mental health rehab helpline desk were guys, said the psychological health bulletin from the Social Justice and Empowerment (SJE) Ministry. A clinical psychologist of this DEPwD working on the helpline desk told The Hindu that the majority of the calls were out of”young adults”. According to a report from The Hindu, a significant number of callers into mental health care helpline were guys, which comprised around 32 percent of young adults or college students. Nearly all individuals were in the age group of 15 to 40 decades, while 18.1percent were elderly, at the 41 to 60 age group. The helpline also offers the choice of earning an appointment in the event the caller requires particular attention.

From September 16, 2020, to January 15, 2021, the helpline received 13,550 fresh forecasts, of which 70.5percent were from men and 29.5percent from females, ” the report stated. The report stated that approximately 65.9percent had a”milder character of distress”, while 26.5percent were”moderately distressed” and 7.6percent were”severely distressed”. Nearly, 32.3percent of those callers were pupils, while 15.2percent were self-explanatory, 27.1percent were used, 23.3percent were jobless, 1.4percent were home-makers and 0.7percent didn’t disclose the info.

The 24/7 helpline provides early screening, emotional first-aid, emotional aid, distress direction, psychological well-being, emotional emergency management solutions, and referrals to mental health specialists and is controlled by 81 front-line professionals, aside from volunteer psychiatrists, clinical and rehabilitation psychologists, the Ministry report stated. “Majorly the challenges confronted from the callers were associated with stress (28.5percent ) and melancholy (25.5percent ); while others comprised pandemic-related struggles (7.8percent ), the suicidal tendency (2.8percent ), substance abuse (3.4percent ), and many others amalgamated (32 percent ),” it added.

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